This is how customizing works!

General information, audiovisual device messages, images and graphics, brand change support and counter readings: the HEUFT NaVi can now be further customized and is therefore an even more personal user guidance for the safe and efficient operation of new generation HEUFT systems.

Organised, focused on what is essential, with personalised access rights and audiovisual step-by-step assistance – the user guidance of the modern HEUFT systems is intuitive and self-explanatory right from the start. Now the latest version of the HEUFT NaVi even goes one better and can be easily customized to the specific requirements and tasks on site. This means that the device user benefits from a more comprehensible approach, clearer responsibilities, better overview, transparency and competence and the line operator from simply greater efficiency and operational reliability regarding quality assurance, in-line inspection and labelling.

The general information texts of the graphical user interface of the existing devices of the HEUFT SPECTRUM II series can already be edited as of now  in such a way that they sum up exactly what the customer wishes to tell his respective employee at this point. Up to now such an individual text change was a complex special project. Now it has been simplified and standardised to such an extent that the HEUFT IT team can implement it considerably faster and easier online as well as offline.

An individual response for full operational reliability

The situation is different regarding written device messages which the customer can even adapt and customize himself if he chooses the latest release of a HEUFT SPECTRUM II system with the appropriate software, the correct licence and an up-to-date Service Toolbox (STB): texts which were originally redundant are all changed individually so that their content becomes even more specific. For example the "consult a specialist" function becomes "inform Peter" or "call Lisa to the machine" depending on who is responsibly for what.

A current audio licence and the HEUFT message server are needed in order to be able to implement this for the spoken messages as well. The changes made by the customer in the HEUFT DeviceManager are then forwarded digitally, converted into the respective language there and emitted directly via the device loudspeakers or a mobile phone as from the next restart. In this way the audio messages always speak the same language as the respective employees on site.

Full overview and individual support

The device picture integrated in the HEUFT NaVi user interface can also be customized or replaced which gives the users a full overview of the respective checking, inspecting or labelling system at a glance. Furthermore the customer can move single image objects individually i.e. so that the position of the infeed check in front of or the rejector behind the respective system displayed can be shown even more realistically. The same applies to the pictures of HEUFT checkPoints which flash directly at the device and are used by the respective line worker to identify directly what has to be done and where in order to ensure full detection and operational reliability. In addition, they can be renamed to best suit the situation and needs on site.

Even brand changeovers become more individual and personal. Personal title and description texts, values to be observed and helpful additional information can be added to the current HEUFT NaVi software and system versions with the corresponding licence in order to be able to implement them even more easily, speedily and specifically. And not only can individual portrait pictures be stored of the respective employees but also up to 16 customizable personal instructions so that they always know exactly what they have to do when it comes to brand and program changes.

Clear view of important figures

The order of the displayed counter reading can be changed as required so that each user can set his own priorities. It is even possible to configure a customized counter page with an additional licence. On a separate subpage, the user can switch between the contents of the various counters, highlight individual ones, add specific information texts or set favorites. The layout specifications can be customized for each individual counter and saved separately. This makes them quick and easy to transfer to other counters.

As a result the HEUFT NaVi user benefits not just from information and message texts, voice prompts, illustrations and assisted brand changes but also from an audiovisual user interface which is much more personal and therefore simply more efficient!