X-ray EBI as a highlight

The continuous in-line quality assurance of empty and full containers during the drink filling process forms the main focus of the HEUFT exhibition presence at the beginning of June at ExpoPack 2018 in Mexico City. The highlight:  the HEUFT InLine II IXS the world's first empty bottle inspector with pulsed X-ray technology for maximum detection reliability during the challenging glass in glass detection. 

In addition, among other things, the new HEUFT ONE for an affordable, space-saving entry to state-of-the-art technologies for checking full containers will be presented at the trade fair.  The HEUFT spotter SF also exhibited live achieves a true full container inspection for the reliable identification of mould, foil, bits of paper and other low density foreign substances in drinks.  The HEUFT eXaminer II XB top-down inspector which can be seen at the show will be of interest to food producers who want to find glass splinters, metal particles, stones and other high density foreign objects in flow packs, thermoform packaging or bulk goods.  Therefore a visit is worthwhile:  ExpoPack, 6 June - 8 June 2018, Stand 3700, Expo Santa Fe, Mexico City.