Interpack 2017: Pathbreaking innovations

Give way to food safety:  superior technologies from the HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH modular system achieve the detection quality necessary for this.  The technology leader will be revealing groundbreaking new and further developments again for the complete in-line quality inspection of product and packaging at interpack 2017 (Stand 11-D14).  This puts the safety of food exactly on the right track!

From a metal in glass to a glass in glass detection and from checking the closure integrity to verifying and tracking product markings:  HEUFT will be showing innovations at interpack which pave the way for a maximum of packaging integrity and food safety.  Completely new solutions for the highly precise identification of foreign objects and other safety defects can be experienced there in a confined space for the first time in addition to the highly automated, self-explanatory inspection systems of the HEUFT SPECTRUM II generation.

Metal detection and marking inspection: ONE for all!

A completely new device category which makes its world debut at the packaging trade fair provides the optimal introduction to a metal detection and marking inspection in line with HEUFT standards. HEUFT ONE is the name of the very compact, easy to integrate and reliable to operate stand-alone systems which combine innovative detection technologies with customised hardware and software as well as proven HEUFT procedures for an exact product tracking, inspection and fault rejection. They set new standards in a confined space in terms of detection accuracy, operational reliability and price / performance ratio.

Lowest radiation

The pulsed X-ray technology exclusively available from HEUFT offers the full spectrum to all those looking for more than just metal during a foreign object inspection: with it the HEUFT eXaminer II XB top-down inspector finds all types of high density contamination from a small stone to a glass splinter using minimum radiation. The system based on the particularly powerful HEUFT SPECTRUM II platform has been further optimised for this purpose. New full-field image converters increase the precision of the careful X-ray detection: the size of the foreign objects which can be reliably identified is halved at unequalled low radiation levels.


Foreign object detection and closure inspection: Full Automation and Performance

This in-house developed X-ray procedure exclusively available from HEUFT also gives priority to food safety during the continuous complete inspection of filled jars and cans with the HEUFT eXaminer II XAC. It increases the range, speed and precision of the foreign object inspection. In this way the highly automated, self-explanatory system achieves an unprecedented detection reliability. It shows its true strengths particularly with regard to the glass in glass detection: even minute fragments hidden behind product and container structures are detected simply reliably at line speeds of up to 1,200 containers per minute.

Maximum detection reliability

HEUFT will be showing a newly developed solution at interpack especially for a detailed all-around inspection of food container closures and their safety elements: the HEUFT FinalView II CAP. This compact detection unit based on the HEUFT SPECTRUM II identifies all possible faults using innovative illumination, camera and real-time image processing technologies – even insufficiently pronounced thread turns and the defective tamper evident rings of screw closures. The continuous complete examination of each individual closure wall and surface also uncovers minute cracks and damage as well as non-brand colouration, designs and logos. Incorrectly positioned and inaccurately aligned closures cannot escape it either – and that at line speeds of up to 1,600 containers per minute! In this way the HEUFT FinalView II CAP safeguards the integrity of the packaging sustainably and therefore the microbial purity and safe consumability of the product contained in it. The compact detection module can be connected to the HEUFT SPECTRUM II VX fill management system quite easily and to other modular full container inspectors of the new generation. The result: a new level of in-line closure inspection.

High degree of automation and reliable operation

The solutions for a foreign object and closure inspection are impressive due to their unprecedented level of performance and automation as well as self-explanatory machine human interface (MHI) as with all the HEUFT SPECTRUM II devices. This not only gives the detection but also the operational reliability of the systems priority. The universal, network-compatible HEUFT SPECTRUM II control unit for the most varied modules, systems and tasks increases the computing power of the multiprocessing capable devices with powerful core processors, MHI and image processing cards as well as the latest software: the number of characteristics which can be checked over a given period increases significantly. The precision during the tracking, inspection and reliable removal of food containers has quadrupled.

All the container transport and detection units adapt themselves automatically to the new brand during program changes. Manual intervention is not required for this or for sampling or test container programs etc. The systems are equipped with the HEUFT NaVi a self-explanatory user guidance with individual audiovisual step-by-step assistance for the rare occasions when the user has to spring into action. Therefore error-free and tamper-proof operation is possible for the user without any special previous knowledge.


An optimal introduction to a quality inspection up to HEUFT standards

However it is not only the premium inspection systems of the HEUFT SPECTRUM II series which give food safety full priority. The compact solutions of the brand new HEUFT ONE device category already provide an optimal introduction to a quality inspection in line with HEUFT standards. They can be experienced live and in action for the first time at the interpack exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany. You should definitely not miss this: Stand 11 / D14.