Just the right skills!

Part 3 of the 40 years of HEUFT series provides a brief review and outlook of the in-house training in our medium-sized family business at the start of the new apprentice year.

It has just begun for 15 young people – an introduction to working life: they started their apprenticeship at HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH one of the most important industrial apprentice training companies in the northern part of Rheinland-Pfalz on 1 August 2019. The very first apprentice of the company who had already started his working life here 37 years earlier and is always happy to share his experiences with his new colleagues welcomed them to the safety briefing. This means that more than 40 apprentices are employed here for the 40th anniversary. Their number has continued at this high level for many years now. Altogether well over 250 people have taken up their apprenticeship at HEUFT and generally completed this very successfully. More than 90 per cent of them were employed afterwards.

No wonder! The technology leader regarding in-line quality assurance during the filling and packaging process remains dependent on young, highly qualified employees in order to be able to deliver outstanding development, production and service results now and in the future. This applies to the technical sector in particular. Mechatronics technicians, industrial mechanics and electronic technicians for devices and systems or industrial engineering therefore also account for the major share of the skilled employees trained at HEUFT to date. In addition the medium-sized family company currently trains motivated apprentices to become industrial mechanics, IT system electronics technicians, technical product designers, IT specialists as well as industrial clerks in close cooperation with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the vocational schools in the region.

Sound in-house training since 1982

Jürgen Kerich the first HEUFT trainee started his apprenticeship as an electronics installer only three years after the company was founded in the summer of 1982 – and now supports the directors as Head of Projects and Facility Management as part of the executive staff. He remembers when he started at the company "I was the only one far and wide at that time" and there were "no more than 15 employees" at that time. In the meantime the proportion of young junior employees who start their apprenticeship at HEUFT summer after summer has stabilised at this level whereas the total number of employees in Burgbrohl alone has increased fifty-fold and almost a hundredfold worldwide since then.

HEUFT apprentices not only receive the necessary theoretical and practical skills in order to learn their profession from the ground up. Great emphasis is also put on their character and social development during the sound in-house training. And they also have the right platform to focus on their specific interests and concerns with the self-organised youth and apprentice council established back in 1990 and can therefore maintain their learning and working conditions at the highest level in the future. HEUFT customers all over the world in particular benefit from this in terms of outstanding development, production and service results for perfectly packaged beverages, food and pharmaceuticals of top quality.