The latest HEUFT technologies at FISPAL Tecnologia 2023

Experience the state of the art of in-line quality assurance for products and packaging: The best place to do this at the Brazilian trade fair for the food and beverage industry in São Paulo is at the HEUFT stand!

"Transforming the food and beverage industries." FISPAL Tecnologia has been doing this for 39 years according a statement by the organizers. HEUFT is therefore in exactly the right place at the largest industry meeting in Latin America where almost 40,000 trade visitors and a good 350 exhibitors are expected at the end of June. After all, our checking devices, inspection systems, labelling machines and IT solutions, which are exclusively produced in Germany and developed in-house, have been optimising the quality, safety and efficiency of the filling and packaging process for more than 44 years now – and are constantly redefining the state of the art available for this purpose! We show what this means, for example, with the HEUFT ONE which is exhibited live and which now carries out many other QA tasks in addition to the fill level check, closure and label inspection.

Precise foreign object detection

And with the help of our cyber-physical device stele almost every network-capable HEUFT system can be realistically demonstrated there – for example our all-surface empty bottle inspectors or all our HEUFT eXaminer II systems for the detection of foreign bodies in already filled food jars, glass bottles, cans or pouches with further optimised pulsed X-ray technology and artificial intelligence for X-ray image processing in real time.

HEUFT innovations such as these contribute to the sustainable transformation of food and drink industries by effectively increasing product and packaging safety and helping to prevent senseless packaging and food waste thanks to minimal false rejection rates. See for yourself: FISPAL Tecnologia 2023, Stand B036, 27 - 30 June, São Paulo Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, Brazil.