New insights at drinktec 2022

Interactive enlightenment about intelligent innovations for more detection reliability and fewer false rejections during the quality inspection in the filling and packaging process caused real amazement and the best atmosphere at the HEUFT stand.

HEUFT reflexx A.I., the latest development stage of our image processing with artificial intelligence was one of the highlights at the world's leading exhibition for the drinks and liquid food industry in Munich in mid-September. Under the motto "Seeing what's behind" the numerous international guests in the enlightenment area at the HEUFT stand were able to experience for themselves how it not only filters out water drops on the drinks bottle for example but also makes faults and defects visible which are covered by them. And this was by no means the only new technology presented there which is already realizing unprecedented precision during the empty and full container inspection or will do so in the near future.

At the individual enlightenment stations, visitors to drinktec 2022 were also able to experience the following innovations and visions of the future live – and in some cases try them out for themselves:

Inspiring enlightenment, spectacular innovations


This interactive enlightenment about inspection technologies of the future that are already available and will soon be available triggered astonishment and genuine enthusiasm during numerous filling operations. This applies just as much to completely new systems which were presented to the public for the first time at the drinktec exhibition such as the HEUFT InLine II IX which combines sophisticated optics and sensor technology with further developed pulsed X-ray and the intelligent HEUFT reflexx A.I.. image processing for the all-surface empty bottle inspection. All this also contributes to increasing the precision of the glass-in-glass detection in full bottles with the HEUFT eXaminer II XOS even further while the false rejection rate and thus the senseless waste of valuable products and packaging materials tends ever closer to zero.

The atmosphere at the first really big trade fair for the beverage and liquid food industry since the beginning of the corona pandemic in presence was correspondingly good at HEUFT – with completely new insights, intensive discussions about individual solutions as well as concrete projects and last but not least with an exuberant stand party!