Chinese, Greek, Russian or Slovakian?

The HEUFT PILOT operating terminals now support all character sets. A challenge for the documentation department where there is a great diversity with regard to languages. HEUFT devices are supplied throughout the world and HEUFT documentation is enclosed with each device whether the destination is "only" in Europe or some distant land we can only dream about.

Since 1995, only machines bearing a CE mark may be sold in the countries of the European Union. In order to receive this "goods passport", certain conditions have to be fulfilled, which are stipulated in the guidelines for the safety of the machine. An essential requirement, among other things, is the technical documentation as well as the operator´s manual in the official language of the EU user country, which have to be attached to the machine - HEUFT has been meeting these requirements since the early eighties.

Therefore operator´s manuals are available in the following languages for the complete HEUFT product range, from the smallest device to the largest high-capacity labelling machine from the HEUFT TORNADO range: Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, Flemish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, and even Greek.

The extent of operator´s manuals has grown due to the introduction of the HEUFT SPECTRUM TX system. It was possible to create a highly efficient graphical user interface - the PILOT system - by separating realtime system and user surface. Besides the system specific texts (such as counter texts or system messages) tools such as help boxes with explanations and assistants are available to support the system settings. This system is completed with HEUFT on-line documentation which can be called up from every position - even in the corresponding national language!

Working with different languages such as Chinese or Russian becomes especially interesting with regard to the PILOT surface. It represents a challenge in two respects: a translation which is technically understandable as well as the corresponding software.

Unicode has been used for the realization of the PILOT operating surface to enable the visualization of various characters. With Unicode all characters can be represented.

When a device is supplied the respective quality assurance department is pleased time and time again that it is possible to select the language of its choice.

With the versatility of the new PILOT surface the basis for a world-wide effective telephone service or on-line teleservice has been created.

Regardless of the device´s site or its operator´s language, it is possible for our employees to be connected to the device at any time. The display in English or German ensures that the texts are comprehensible to our engineers.