drinktec 2013: detecting more? Simply easy!

The HEUFT SPECTRUM II has arrived!  HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH will be showcasing the new generation of modular systems for safeguarding product quality and line efficiency for the first time at the drinktec 2013 exhibition in Munich, Germany.  From an X-ray assisted empty bottle inspection up to a complete final container inspection:  as a result highly complex high-speed processes are simply easy!

The latest hardware and software, increased computing power, a high degree of automation and a new dimension in user friendliness:  the new universal platform for HEUFT systems improves the speed and precision when detecting faults and makes their reliable operation simply easy.  The human machine interface (HMI) turns into a machine human interface (MHI) and the device operator into a device user with the new, self-explanatory HEUFT NaVi user guidance.  Visitors to the drinktec exhibition can experience what this means themselves from 16 to 20 September on Stand 315 in Hall B4 of the Munich exhibition grounds.  Because we will be showing four systems of the next generation there for the first time live and in action:

  • the HEUFT InLine II IXS for an optical and radiometric empty bottle inspection
  • the HEUFT SPECTRUM II VX for an extensive fill management
  • the HEUFT eXaminer II XOS for a reliable foreign object detection in full containers
  • the HEUFT FinalView II FO12 for a label and closure inspection with unequalled precision

Practically everyone understands how to use the new systems!  Because there is individual audiovisual support available:  the user is clearly shown step by step, not only on the large personalised touchscreen and the respective system components, what has to be done when and where.  He can listen to it too!  This reduces the risk of unintentional misadjustments with the corresponding consequences for the safety of the product and the efficiency of complete filling lines e.g. during brand changeovers.

We have further developed the function and performance range of the new HEUFT SPECTRUM II generation compared with the previous series.  The latest CPUs and the HEUFT reflexx² real-time image processing system ensure increased computing power and detection reliability.  The number of container characteristics which can be checked in a certain interval has risen considerably.  Faults are precisely identified on the crystal clear, high-resolution detection pictures even during high-speed operation.  The user receives extensive assistance during program changes – the vertical and horizontal adjustment of all the detections is fully automatic.  The system verifies independently that the changeover has been carried out correctly afterwards.  From now on the conveyor control system can be accommodated directly in the devices.  The HEUFT ISI field bus extends their open modular structure.  This makes assembly, upgrading and retrofitting easier.  The online connection for remote maintenance and production data acquisition has also been optimised.

The new HEUFT SPECTRUM II platform makes the safeguarding of product quality and efficiency when filling drinks simply easy!  We will also be showcasing other groundbreaking innovations at drinktec 2013 – such as the energy-saving HEUFT e-mono rejector or a HEUFT beetec drive especially for multi-chain conveyors.  HEUFT also sets technological trends with regards to the labelling of all types of containers.  You simply must experience this:

drinktec 2013, 16 to 20 September, Munich exhibition grounds, Stand 315 / Hall B4!