Faster, better, more precise

- the new HEUFT InLine

There are hardly any changes to be seen on the outside but those who have been informed about the internal changes to the HEUFT InLine 2005 model are soon amazed. HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH extends its lead and sets high standards again and again with the consistent use of technological progress for practical application in the bottling hall.

The use of the HEUFT reflexx image processing procedure is optimised by an intelligent image storage system. Now all the pictures which were taken staggered in time by the camera systems can be viewed at the same time. This overview makes it easier for the user to identify the cause of the rejection.


The new system has further advantages: an operator is responsible for several machines along a modern filling line. When a bottle is rejected it is possible for an operator to view the pictures of the inspection cameras at a later stage and to save them. In this way interference to the inspection system such as rejections stemming from soiled protective plates are easy to locate. This simplification saves time and therefore real money.


A large number of innovations are available in the new HEUFT InLine as standard features in addition to these functions. Please contact us by e-mail or via the Click-2-Talk button should you wish to receive further information about the innovations in the model year 2005.