Good versus better - winners invest

Would you replace a HEUFT SPECTRUM EBI which has been running well for several years? "Of course not" would probably be the immediate response "why should I?". Because a new inspector saves cash and affords safety. "But the present one runs well and detects everything" could be a not unfounded objection. And as a matter of fact an experiment carried out in a well-known brewery showed that a HEUFT empty bottle inspector which had been in service for more than 10 years achieved at least the same good inspection values as those of a current competitor´s device. It even performed considerably better as regards efficiency.

However the legislators clearly demand an inspection in accordance with the best available technology.  This has been redefined with the introduction of the HEUFT reflexx technology:  detections have been improved considerably and efficiency increased.  If a technically-related false rejection rate of 1.2% was specified for the HEUFT SPECTRUM EBI this is under 0.5% for the HEUFT InLine R 9.0.  Therefore up to around 1 million bottles can be saved in a year with 220 days of production in the case of a bottling line working two eight-hour shifts at 40,000 bph.
The experience acquired by users and their suggestions were implemented in the construction of the HEUFT InLine R 9.0.  For example accessibility was improved, new safety features created and adjustments are carried out considerably faster.  Newly constructed areas ensure less wear and tear.  As a result average annual maintenance costs are reduced by up to 60%.
Replacing an old HEUFT device with a new one along the line is carried out within two to three days. Usually conveyors and control systems have to be adapted only marginally.
Amortisation of the capital expenditure is achieved within a very short time due to the drastically reduced operating costs.  If you wish to know how fast a new HEUFT InLine can pay for itself please contact us at