HEUFT continuous laning

Reduces downtimes, increases efficiency

The HEUFT laning systems provide smooth, continuous laning of containers for infeed to tray or case packing equipment, or for diverting to alternate packaging areas. The HEUFT systems can accommodate a wide range of container styles, shapes and sizes, and with no change parts required. Difficult to handle containers such as reverse tapered wine bottles are no problem, and lightweight snack food products packaged in cardboard tube-style containers can be divided into multiple lanes with ease. The laning systems can accommodate containers with internal trigger mechanisms as well as offset necks. Oval or square containers can be divided into multiple lanes at high speeds with no container or product damage. Orientation of containers is maintained during the laning process.

Since the laning rejectors are only activated when required, mechanical stresses on the equipment are reduced, resulting in a long lasting, trouble free system. The system is designed without the complexity of using serpentine guide rails, and can be performed without the expense of using plant air to blow the containers into the various lanes. Since the HEUFT system is a positive means of guiding the container into the lanes, the need for multiple changes in conveyor elevation demanded by the air-blow types of systems is not required.

The HEUFT laning systems are designed to use our SPECTRUM or basic line of control units.
The HEUFT basic for bottles and cans provides a trouble-free and economical means of separating production into 2 lanes at speeds of up to 1,200 containers per minute and at conveyor speeds of up to 1.5 m/sec (300 ft/min). The distribution of containers can be executed according to programmable laning codes, and can provide for the monitoring of distribution lanes by means of jam detectors.

The HEUFT SPECTRUM for bottles or cans is capable of separating bottles into up to 7 lanes at speeds of up to 1,650 bpm, and cans at speeds of up to 2,300 cpm. The HEUFT SPECTRUM based system can be outfitted to perform container inspections such as Underfill, Overfill and Cap/High Cap inspection while still providing a laning function. Thus, one HEUFT piece of equipment can take the place of the two or even three that are normally required, reducing project costs.

The appropriate control unit is recommended after consulting with the HEUFT sales engineer. HEUFT offers various types of laning mechanisms, including the popular HEUFT DELTA-FW and HEUFT DELTA-K multi-segment container rejectors. Or the HEUFT XY, a servo-driven laning system for gentle rejection of extremely delicate or very tall containers, even lightweight containers that would normally tip over during the laning process.

The HEUFT continuous laning system offers several advantages. Only a very small footprint is required, and change-over can be accomplished by simply selecting a program from a pull-down menu. In the event the containers back up into the laning area, the system shuts down to prevent container breakage or damage. Noise is virtually eliminated, as the containers are never in contact with one another. Since the HEUFT method uses an encoder mounted to the drive shaft of the conveyor, laning is performed without fault, even during changing conveyor speeds or conveyor stops. The HEUFT system tracks every container and places it in the appropriate lane.