HEUFT PEM - Knowing what´s what

The catchwords availability, just-in-time production, short reaction times and mobility are subjects which have gained importance even in our private lives. Whereas opinions still differ regarding the point of this omnipresent development the industrial production environment can no longer be imagined without them.

Of course this development has not passed the food and beverage industry by: costs can be cut down on and quality improved by us- ing a company information system incorporating the latest technical advances. The HEUFT PEM "Personal Event Messenger" links the HEUFT TX range of devices directly to the human com- munication media. Selected system messages and man- ual entries set off automatic messages which are pass- ed on as e-mails to a comp- uter, to a pager or via SMS to a mobile telephone. For example its use in an empty bottle inspector results in the following benefits at a well-known Berlin brewery:

  • Prepared test bottles are regularly placed in the course of production as a function check in order to examine the quality of the empty bottle inspectors. The non-fulfilment of individual tests generates an immediate message via SMS to those responsible for the production plant.
  • The most important production counters are sent automatically by e-mail to the shift leader at the end of each shift as a shift report. He then passes these on to the production manager with his own comments.
  • All changes to the sensitivity of the individual detections of the empty bottle inspectors are recorded and sent to those in the quality assurance department as an e-mail.


All these procedures have one thing in common: a device-specific event sets off a communi- cation process (message) to different people with information which corresponds to the event triggering it off. Information is sent purposefully, up-to-the-minute and to the different media available at the customer´s.


The HEUFT PEM is a tool integrated in the HEUFT SPECTRUM TX range of devices. With the HEUFT PEM our customers are also in line with the latest technological developments in the IT sector.