Highly efficient and simply easy!

HEUFT will be presenting easy to use solutions which safeguard product quality, increase the efficiency and productivity of complete filling lines and at the same time reduce energy consumption at the China Brew & Beverage exhibition.

The HEUFT SPECTRUM II is the highlight:  the new platform for modular inspection systems makes the continuous tracking of empty and filled bottles, the precise detection of faults and the reliable rejection of the products in question simply easy.  Manual intervention by the user is the exception due to the new level of automation.  The audiovisual HEUFT NaVi user guidance takes him step by step to his goal with regard to all the tasks which arise.  Downtimes due to operating errors are practically ruled out as a result.  Therefore line efficiency is already optimised and output increased.

The HEUFT ISI an isochronous serial interface reduces the amount of wiring required during the installation, retrofitting and networking of the devices of the new HEUFT SPECTRUM II generation considerably.  At the same time the new in-house developed field bus system minimises the risk of interference and carries out time-critical monitoring functions reliably and without delay:  it is always guaranteed even along high-speed lines that all the signal data and information arrive in real time exactly where they are needed.

A steady, pressureless bottle transport with as few gaps as possible results in energy optimised line efficiency.  HEUFT will demonstrate how this is implemented using a rotary system which is equipped with, among other things, HEUFT conveyors and the non-contact HEUFT streamer C corner combiner.  The conveyors are driven by the HEUFT beetec.  The servo direct drive reacts to changes in the bottle flow within milliseconds and corrects the transport speed dynamically, extremely precisely and highly efficiently.  It achieves the necessary torque without the use of gears.  This maximises the system rigidity as well as the precision when controlling position and speed and prevents energy loss due to friction and waste heat.  The HEUFT beetec achieves an efficiency of 90% practically without any wearing parts – electricity consumption is 30% less compared to conventional drives.

The result:  less steel and more intelligence for simply more efficiency and profitability when filling, packaging and inspecting in-line!