In case of doubt against the accused!

Do you trust technology? You leave an empty bottle inspector to check a container without anyone even taking a quick look at it afterwards. The selection process concerning a new system leads to a decision about costs/benefits which is made up in one´s mind and the important decision concerning which company has developed a device using expertise and the necessary awareness of the problems in which you can place your trust sufficiently for carrying out the above-mentioned task is instinctive.

Each system has more or less large residual error rates. For example such detection faults are based on the container to be checked demonstrating characteristics which deviate from the norm or it being shifted on the conveyor due to unexpected dynamic processes and then not being exactly registered. Very crooked bottle necks or foam left over under a bottle base can limit the inspection considerably optically if not making it impossible.

Every manufacturer of inspection devices is now faced with the question: how do we deal with these containers? How should my equipment react to such an incident?

There is a big difference whether all incoming containers are first declared to be faulty as a matter of principle and each individual detection module must give its OK so that these bottles can pass through or it is assumed that all the containers are good and clean and the detection modules can only veto this.

Of course, this veto results in a rejection - but what if this veto does not happen as a result of a malfunction? An unchecked bottle goes straight to your customer.

We at HEUFT admit that we do not trust a single one of your containers an inch! It does not matter which container is not passed as OK by each individual detection module it is sorted out without mercy.

It is very tempting for the developers of inspection machines to employ the veto principle because every bottle rejected without a fault is evaluated as a false rejection and this causes many a headache during the acceptance of the guarantee values.

You have decided in favour of costs/benefits?…Your customer has blind faith in you!