Networking is the answer!

The performance of a business does not only depend on the efficiency of its filling line. The organisation of the business as regards the daily working routine is often not optimally solved. Examples of this are:
- counter readings and values are read directly at the device and recorded manually
- protocols are printed out and managed in hard copy format
Furthermore such incidences as waiting times for service technicians to arrive if the need arises results in unnecessary costs. A reduction in costs can be achieved by means of a fast and well-ordered flow of information.

Networking is the answer!  The HEUFT company introduced a series with the HEUFT SPECTRUM TX range of devices to the market which was equipped with the Ethernet interface as a standard thereby setting standards as early as 1996:  production data can be monitored from the office, logging is carried out electronically, individual protocols can be printed and if required direct help is available via the HEUFT TeleService without calling out a service technician.  This is made possible by means of the cross-device HEUFT PILOT operating surface which already exchanges its data via Ethernet with the inspection system at delivery.  Current production data can be retrieved from the office PC via the same interface.  The most different, international standards (SQL, DDE, XML, Weihenstephan Standard etc.) are supported which guarantees a speedy and smooth connection to existing systems.  Connection to the HEUFT TeleService is carried out via the HEUFT GATEWAY server.  Various integrated functions such as a firewall, data encryption, connection build-up exclusively from the customer´s end etc. ensure that communication with the HEUFT company is safe.

It can be seen on the basis of the examples listed that a subsequent network connection paid off over a very short period of time.  Contact us if you also wish to be informed about the potential hidden in your installation.