Revolutionary simple, simply revolutionary!

The go-ahead has been given:  the HEUFT prime is going into series production and is available for ordering now.  This makes checking full containers on filling and packaging lines easier than ever before!

The HEUFT prime combines tried and tested modules for examining fill levels, closures, internal pressure and labels as well as detecting burst bottles and serial faults with a revolutionary new user guidance:  the HEUFT NaVi even speaks to the user!  It guides him through all the functions which are relevant to him in a self-explanatory way in his own language and at the same time provides audiovisual support.  He only sees and hears what actually concerns him when he has logged in using an RFID card or his personal password via the touchscreen of the full container check.  In this way inhibitions when operating a device are reduced and inadvertent misadjustments prevented.


HEUFT NaVi stands for "HEUFT-Natural View" and the name says it:  it is easy to find one’s way around the flat menu structure of the clearly arranged graphical user interface straight away and to operate the HEUFT prime intuitively with a tap of a finger.  Time-consuming and cost-intensive training is unnecessary.  Counter readings as well as messages relating to the performance and use of the device are clearly displayed.  Contextual, interactive auxiliary tools with voice output provide valuable support.  Integrated tutorials explain the function and operation as well as the care and maintenance of the full container check in picture and sound.


Audiovisual support


Assistants accompany the user step by step through all the required functions during important tasks such as brand changes, sampling or test container programs.  He can see on the display what he has to do.  At the same time a friendly voice provides information about the required procedure in each case.  Noticeable tags which light up on the graphical user interface as well as the hardware of the HEUFT prime itself make it easier to identify the few mechanical parts which require manual adjustment.  The system adjusts the detection modules and the measuring bridges automatically when changing the brand being produced.  A test container program verifies afterwards whether the changeover has been carried out correctly.


The WLAN compatible full container check connects to the HEUFT TeleService for remote maintenance if external support is required.  Furthermore the network connection permits the uncomplicated recording and documentation of operating and production data for a specific line analysis.  It is even possible to operate the HEUFT prime away from the line using the HEUFT NaVi ext extended user interface which can be installed on PCs and laptops.


Ingeniously simple user guidance


The compact device stands out due to its flexible modular principle like all the HEUFT systems:  there are suitable modules for each type of container and each application.  For example detection units with high frequency, infrared or X-ray technology are available for a precise fill level detection.  However it is the ingeniously simple, audiovisual HEUFT NaVi user guidance which makes the HEUFT prime so unique.  It saves human resources, protects against misadjustments and therefore not only ensures product quality but also the productivity of the complete filling line.