Simply tamper-proof!

The HEUFT NaVi for the user and the HEUFT NaVi ext for the expert:  the strict separation of user guidance and configuration interface is an elementary part of the overall concept of the new generation of HEUFT systems.  It protects against unwanted changes to basic parameters and thus ensures high, always reproducible inspection quality.

Manipulation!  The device does not do what it is supposed to.  It no longer finds faulty products!  Nor can it do so.  Because the operator has changed the position of the detection units.  On the quiet, without authorisation and without even consulting anyone.  But not necessarily with bad intent.  After all it is his job to keep day-to-day business up and running at high productivity.  And this is difficult if a large part of the containers are being rejected due to an external malfunction.  Because in fact the error source was not the inspector itself but an upstream master machine.  The employee simply concealed the symptoms instead of removing the cause of the problem.

While well intentioned this was not well done.  Because as a result the control system can no longer perform its actual task:  continuously monitoring the product quality is not possible anymore due to the unauthorised intervention.  This can have serious consequences for the company / operations management as well as the perpetrator himself:  recalls, loss of image, administrative penalties and even criminal proceedings.  An intelligent and secured device provides effective protection in this case:  a HEUFT SPECTRUM II system which does not ask too much of the user and which rules out deliberate or unintentional changes to basic configuration settings from the outset.

The HEUFT NaVi for a normal case and the HEUFT NaVi ext for an exceptional case

The new HEUFT NaVi user guidance with personalised access rights and extensive audiovisual step-by-step assistance already ensures this.  Focussing on what is essential it only provides that what the respective user really needs in order to conduct his day-to-day business correctly and efficiently.  It guides him purposefully and at the same time protects him against overstepping his specific responsibilities and competencies when completing the few actions which do not run completely automatically.  More fundamental parameter changes, which are only required in exceptional cases of well under one per cent of the complete operating time anyway, are not even possible for the normal production line worker.  This can only be carried out with the HEUFT NaVi ext by suitably authorised and qualified experts.

For this the modern, organised configuration interface has been strictly separated from the audiovisual user guidance for the day-to-day business quite deliberately:  The HEUFT NaVi user guidance informs the user in good time if the worst comes to the worst and requests him via voice output to consult a competent professional colleague.  Only he has the authority to access the HEUFT NaVi ext by means of a secure, WLAN compatible network connection with a laptop or PC.  He has extensive tools for device overview, diagnosis and parameterisation available there.  This puts him in a position to find out the real cause of the problem and to resolve it specifically.  Unauthorised tinkering about with the symptoms by the normal user is out of the question.  This makes HEUFT SPECTRUM II systems tamper-proof and sustainably ensures consistently high, always reproducible quality when detecting faults.