What does sustainability mean?

This buzzword is on everyone's lips:  nowadays practically everybody talks about sustainability.  This is nothing new for the HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH company.  The business was ahead of its time and had already implemented sustainability 25 years ago when hardly anyone knew what the word even meant!

A universal platform capable of multiprocessing was created with the HEUFT SPECTRUM as early as 1987 which fulfils all the tasks and requirements regarding in-line quality assurance.  Whether a complete examination of empty bottles, an extensive full container inspection or a case check:  this central, network-compatible control unit for different devices and applications was designed for the future with vision by HEUFT from the outset.

It achieves a cross-system consistency relating to its components of 70 per cent.  The result:  uncomplicated repair and maintenance work, straightforward retrofits and conversions and therefore particularly long-lasting and resource-saving, that is sustainable, solutions.

This means sustainability!

The HEUFT SPECTRUM platform defines the state of the art even more than 25 years after its market launch.  It forms a permanent basis for the specific fulfilment of different tasks in terms of detecting faults and improving efficiency with its continuously developed hardware and software.

The open modular structure of the checking and inspecting systems in particular achieves maximum sustainability.  Because this makes it possible to equip these at all times, even afterwards, with exactly those modules and technologies which are actually required.  There are practically no limits to the possibilities.  Even major challenges such as changing from glass to PET bottles are mastered easily, fast and reliably.  In addition the online connection for recording and archiving production data ensures sustainability.  Because it carries out a specific line analysis and optimal preventive maintenance.  Losses in efficiency can therefore be identified and remedied in good time.  Consequently the productivity of complete filling plants is safeguarded in the long term. 

Sustainability which is sustainable

Only that which is permanently available is sustainable.  This applies in particular to spare parts.  The basic components for all the HEUFT SPECTRUM systems are the same and therefore this reduces their number significantly.  On the other hand they are available for a particularly long time.  Those who decide in favour of a HEUFT device today can rely on a spare parts availability of twelve years; therefore extensive supplies will still be guaranteed in the year 2025.

Continuous maintenance and care in terms of development technology regarding the software and hardware ensure that the performance of HEUFT systems always remains high.  Therefore stable detection results are guaranteed at all times.  In addition the proactive HEUFT After Sales Policy provides a sustainable contribution to this.  HEUFT systems are permanently available with remote diagnosis and maintenance via the HEUFT TeleService, intensive advice over the telephone or prompt on-site visits.

The new spectrum of sustainability

The HEUFT SPECTRUM II platform, available in the near future, takes the sustainability of quality assurance systems to a new level.  A greatly developed degree of automation and the multilingual audiovisual HEUFT NaVi user guidance, which focuses on humans, make working with them simply easy.  The operator turns into a user due to Chief Navigator Amanda Tapping:  she guides him step by step through all the functions of the device, assists him with important tasks and shows him exactly what has to be done.  However fully developed detection technologies alone are not enough.  It is just as important to combine highly complex processes and functions with intuitively understandable handling.  This saves human resources and avoids misadjustments.

The full availability and capacity of the technology leader's systems as well as the efficiency of complete filling and packaging lines have also been secured for the next 25 years with the future-oriented HEUFT SPECTRUM IIplatform.  This is sustainability!