The HEUFT box inspector

Corrugated boxes are enjoying great popularity as the outer packaging for drinks bottles in many countries. The incoming boxes must conform with the necessary specifications so that the case packers along such lines run without interference. The HEUFT box inspector examines such boxes, rejects the faulty ones and ensures the optimum efficiency of the packer.

Corrugated boxes are much more sensitive to external influences than plastic cases. Such containers are frequently damaged or folded incorrectly. Interference can be the result if such boxes enter the packer. Rectifying this is often complex e.g. if a part of the box has become stuck in the packing head.

Therefore the HEUFT box inspector in- spects all the important features of a box before it enters the packing machine. Several measurements are carried out in order to provide information regarding the angle of opening of the flaps, the position, alignment and size of the compartments as well as the squareness of the complete box. Faulty containers are removed from the production flow.

The device is part of the modularly designed HEUFT SPECTRUM line and can therefore be expanded with further measuring brid- ges e.g.  for colour detection. An additional foreign object detection can check that the con- tainer really is empty if the corrugated boxes are used as part of a return system.

Operation is kept simple. The measuring brid-ges are automatically moved by means of elec-tric motors for a program changeover. The box inspector provides the interested user with an  enormous amount of information regarding the processed containers. Typical weak points can be identified as a result e.g. if the same corner of a compartment is frequently damaged the cause is easier to find using this knowledge. In this way the HEUFT box inspector fulfils its function as a means of increasing efficiency in two ways - it ensures there is less interfer- ence at the packer and helps to uncover weak points along the line.