The HEUFT Customer Desk

"...I am not in charge of that, please contact...." is a sentence that HEUFT customers will never hear. If you have a question or a suggestion regarding a device we have supplied, if you wish to arrange a service engineer to visit or you have a suggestion for making an improvement, whatever it is, the Customer Desk is always your point of contact.

Call +49-2636/56278 to speak to personnel who due to their many years of experience with HEUFT devices can help to answer all your technical queries. This is the virtual assembly point where people come together in order to discuss their questions, suggestions, experiences but also problems, to work out solutions with us and where they will always find someone ready to listen. "Help" is the product on offer here:


  • Help based on a long-term partnership solving every type of technical problem - all questions regarding HEUFT products, functions and upgrading possibilities are dealt with here at the desk
  • Help by supplying spare parts speedily and efficiently
  • Help by answering your questions about HEUFT devices
  • Help when you do not know what to do next


Sound advice on stand-by, the clarification of organizational details and the co-ordination of technicians, all in close co-operation with the customer, guarantee an efficient service whether it concerns the installation of new equipment, an overhaul, maintenance or dealing with faults.


The Remote Service Group is part of the Customer Desk. The experienced service personnel solve problems by telephone or via the Internet. Using advanced methods of communication, without leaving the office, this team is able to analyse the performance of a system at its site, locate the source of the problem and carry out adjustments. The advantages of the TeleService put to practical use for the global market.


HEUFT Customer Desk - satisfied customers all over the world.