The industrial inspectorate praises the HEUFT company

The use of control and inspection technology using X-ray generators is subject to official approval and test procedures. This is particularly true with regard to exhibitions. At the Brau Beviale 2003 exhibition the HEUFT company presented various inspection devices with HEUFT X-ray technology which makes the highest degree of detection precision possible.

The HEUFT squeezer leakage check for PET bottles, the HEUFT VGX and HEUFT LGX case or carton check as well as the HEUFT eXaminer, making its debut at the exhibition, for the detection of foreign objects in filled bottles all make use of this measuring technique.

Written approval was necessary for their use at the exhibition, the devices were tested by the German technical supervision association (TÜV) and finally the industrial inspectorate carried out an official acceptance during the exhibition. This is an extremely strict procedure regulated by legal requirements and laws and a high level of expertise and competence is required in order to fulfil these conditions.

HEUFT sets a high standard in this respect and on this occasion this was confirmed by an independent authority such as the industrial inspectorate. Not only were all safety requirements met to utmost satisfaction but the industrial inspectorate praised the design of the devices in particular and was extremely impressed with the professionalism and the capabilities of the X-ray technology.

However this is not surprising when considering the technological development the X-ray generator has undergone at the HEUFT company. It was realized at an early stage that the in-house development of a generator was absolutely necessary in order to be responsive to the special wishes of our customers. Only a specially developed system could guarantee the customer a high level of operating reliability as well as minimum radiation exposure for the product and the operators. The next step to "type approval" followed quickly. The HEUFT X-ray generators were inspected and approved in 1999 by the institution of physics and technology in Braunschweig, Germany. A licensing procedure is no longer necessary with this type approval. Only registration at the relevant authority is required which makes the licensing procedure considerably easier for those of our customers who have decided in favour of a device incorporating a HEUFT X-ray generator.

The HEUFT company is probably the only manufacturer with a type approval for this application. A task is only then considered to be solved by the HEUFT company when the maximum degree of simplification has been achieved for the user.