Pack Expo: simply safely packaged!

Reliable quality check, precise foreign object detection, careful closure inspection and space-saving rejection:  HEUFT will be showcasing solutions for the sustainable in-line quality assurance of packaged food, beverages and pharmaceuticals at Pack Expo International 2018 in Chicago.

Two systems will be presented on stand E-6176 with the HEUFT eXaminer II XB and the HEUFT eXaminer II XS which use exclusive pulsed X-ray technology in order to identify solid foreign objects – namely reliably and carefully in a wide variety of packaging materials.

The following can also be seen live and in action:  the space-saving HEUFT ONE full container check, the HEUFT FinalView II CAP for a gapless closure inspection and the HEUFT LAMBDA-K an extremely compact complete system comprising special conveyor mechanics, intelligent conveyor control system and multi-segment rejector for removing faults reliably in the smallest of areas.

Experience for yourself the impressive performance of these innovative solutions at the world's largest packaging trade fair:  Pack Expo International, 14 -17 October 2018, Stand E-6717, Chicago / IL, USA.