Salon du Brasseur: fill level and closure detection for beginners

The HEUFT ONE can be experienced at the brewing exhibition in Nancy at the end of March

A show for beer makers and beer lovers: this is how the organisers characterise the trade fair and beer festival Salon du Brasseur – Fêtes des bières which will take place from 27 to 29 March 2020 in Nancy, France. Furthermore brewers and beer lovers alike are not happy at all when there is too little in the bottle. After all the consumer has paid the full amount so that the bottler even faces a threat of legal action if underfilled bottles are placed on the market.

This can only be avoided with any degree of certainty by means of a fill level detection which automatically detects and consistently rejects bottles with too little content. A stand-alone device which provides craft brewers and SMEs with an optimal entry to a full container check proves that this can also be space-saving, affordable and reliable: the HEUFT ONE!

Finding underfilled bottles

It can be seen live on Stand 30 in Hall A of the Nancy Expo Park at the Salon du Brasseur. Brewers and beer lovers can therefore experience how reliably it finds and rejects underfilled bottles. But that is not all: it also detects bottles without closures or with closures which are too high directly on the running conveyor and removes them safely in the same work process.

One more sophisticated detection, such as the X-ray based fill level detection, can be combined with a simpler one in order to carry out a real full container check in the smallest of spaces which satisfies both producer and consumer.