From the blister to the canister!

The variety of packaging which can be inspected by HEUFT systems is constantly increasing.

HEUFT inspects bottles. Word has got around in the meantime. Beverage bottlers all over the world have been relying on our equipment for a precise inline quality inspection and accurate rejection of faulties when filling bottles of the most varied formats made of glass or plastic for more than 40 years now.

However, as recently added HEUFT systems especially for inspecting and checking the tightness of pharmaceutical blow-fill-seal ampoules and infusion bottles prove, these are by no means all the empty and full packaging materials which we examine carefully.


From beverage cans to baby food trays


Devices for the quality assurance of beverage cans or beverage cartons have been part of the permanently extended portfolio from the modular HEUFT construction kit for decades. Secondary packaging such as beverage crates, trays and cartons are also inspected by our case inspectors. This of course applies just as much to outer packaging for baby cereal and jam jars, milk cartons, ketchup and sauce bottles for example.

At the latest since the market launch of our own pulsed X-ray technology for the gentle and precise detection of foreign objects and the first version of our intelligent high-performance image processing almost 20 years ago HEUFT inspectors have increasingly become the focus of attention in the food industry. And not only for the glass in glass detection which is so important in this sector.



From food jars to squeeze bags

Other foreign objects, packaging defects, product faults and incompleteness are also reliably identified with it: Different HEUFT eXaminer II systems inspect not only full bottles and wide-neck jars but also pre-packed pizza boxes, deep-drawn trays, tins, flow packs, chocolate boxes, chocolate bars, pouches, stand-up pouches and smoothie squeeze pouches as well as composite packaging – top-down, from the side or even from several perspectives at the same time depending on the application in order to ensure a complete coverage X-ray inspection with minimum radiation. And the new-generation pipeline inspector even examines product mass before packaging.

Of course, pulsed X-ray can also be combined with other detection methods, especially smart high-performance optics. With the latter, the label and closure inspection of bottles, jars, cans, cups and jars works just as well as, among other things, the equipment, design and marking inspection of chip tubes and many other primary and secondary packaging. And the HEUFT squeezer II measures the fill level and internal pressure of a wide variety of PET, HDPE or PE packaging for a precise leakage check.



From the canister to the blister

In addition to drinks and food packaging these can also be large-format canisters or bottles with handles which contain cleaning agents or care and healthcare products for example.. HEUFT systems also inspect flacons, jars, syrup, spray and medicinal bottles and other primary pharmaceutical packaging. The two HEUFT spotter II BFS systems mentioned at the beginning for inspecting blow-fill-seal ampoules and infusion bottles are completely new this year.

The HEUFT spotter II PHS which inspects vials filled with vaccines and other parenterals is also currently in great demand in the pharmaceutical industry. Also of interest for medical producers: The radiometric top-down inspection of blisters and the tablets they contain with the HEUFT eXaminer II XB and the HEUFT Syringer for the pre-filled syringe inspection.



The right inspection solution for a variety of packages

As is usual with our devices of the new generation type and format changes are carried out fully automatically within a very short time – all the detection units adapt themselves to the changed packaging material.

So much more is possible with HEUFT systems than simply checking the quality of drinks bottles in the filling and packaging process. From the individual food glass to the complete case, from the thermoformed tray to the squeeze pouch and from the blister to the canister they complete a highly precise inline inspection of a constantly increasing variety of different packaging materials. We are sure to have the right solution for your specific application!