Vial and nasal spray nozzle inspection at CIPM 2020

It's taking place and HEUFT will be there: The technological leader will be showcasing highly efficient inspection systems for perfectly packaged vaccines and medicinal products on Stand S3-20-1 at the China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo (CIPM) in the Chongqing International Expo Center from 3 to 05 November 2020.

Injection vials for packaging and administering high purity vaccines and medicines with active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) safely are currently more in demand than ever before. The HEUFT spotter II PHS ensures that such vials can only reach the patient if they are faultless and completely uncontaminated. How this is accomplished can be experienced live at the CIPM:

Cracks and defects in the container glass, unsafe closures and foreign matter such as hairs or fibres are identified immediately after the filling process using a wide variety of detection technologies. The pulsed X-ray available exclusively from HEUFT even makes glass splinters and metal fragments hidden in the lyophilisate visible using a minimum amount of radiation.

Furthermore visitors to Stand S3-20-1 at the International Expo Center in Chongqing can also see, among other things, the HEUFT PRIME which not only carries out a precise fill level and closure detection of primary packaging for pharmaceuticals but also a lateral inspection of the spray heads of nasal sprays with a newly integrated intelligent sensor camera in order to identify incompleteness and defects which threaten their functionality and safety during the filling and packaging process and to reject the containers in question consistently.