More than a billion flashes

Current further developments ensure that the HEUFT pulsed X-ray technology for a careful and precise foreign object detection has an extra long lifetime. A successful in-house long-term test shows this.

The new generator of X-ray pulses lasting a millisecond was put to the test extensively in the in-house test cellar. This should demonstrate what it has achieved regarding reliability during uninterrupted continuous operation. The first results are definitely promising: it has already emitted over 1 billion X-ray flashes without setbacks.

This corresponds to a period of a more than 17 years when calculated on the basis of a daily eight-hour single shift operation with a line output of 20,000 containers per hour or 58,400,000 in twelve months. Of course the test cellar results cannot always be compared with everyday practice during the actual filling and packaging process but the tendency is towards simply more durability.

Preventive maintenance made easy

The user is informed in good time so that he still has enough time for preventive maintenance before the total failure of important X-ray components can occur. Essential components are even integrated redundantly: if one fails the other takes over directly so that the entire filling or packaging line does not have to be stopped immediately – as with a car which not only has a spare wheel but also a fully adequate spare tyre. The only difference here is that there is no need to change the tyre because the function is carried out automatically without manual intervention.

This minimises the risk of unwanted line standstills and the accompanying losses in productivity and at the same reduces the need for maintenance. Therefore these days it is all the more worthwhile to invest in HEUFT eXaminer II systems with further developed pulsed X-rays which now also cover even more extensive packaging volumes completely and penetrate even larger product quantities in order to identify glass splinters, small pieces of metal and many other high density foreign objects reliably and carefully. The long-term availability of spare parts and special support contracts ensure low and precisely calculable follow-up costs both for remote maintenance with the HEUFT TeleService and for the HEUFT DirectService on-site visits.

Consequently the reliable operation of the X-ray inspection systems can be safeguarded consistently.