Labelling machine



Versatile labeller based on the highly automated HEUFT SPECTRUM II.

The HEUFT TORNADO II classic combines the classic robust design of proven HEUFT labelling machines with the current HEUFT SPECTRUM II platform. This not only increases its automation, performance, precision and operational reliability when applying labels but also makes it much more versatile: up to three different stations for accurate wet glue, self-adhesive and wrap-around labelling can be easily integrated into the new generation labeller. Integrated detection units safeguard the features and quality of the final food product sustainably.


Wet glue labelling

Applying precisely: exact complete equipment.

Accurate, gentle and tidy: the HEUFT TORNADO II classic can be equipped with up to three coupled wet glue stations for, among other things, body, collar or neck ring labelling depending on the application. The food containers are sent past them after they have been transferred to the carousel and fixed by the centring elements. At the same time the integrated glue segments are covered with an exactly adjustable quantity of glue so that each one of them picks up precisely one label whilst passing.


A gripper cylinder then pulls it off and presses it gently with the glued side against the precisely aligned bottle. A sponge ensures a homogeneous application. Labelling platforms rotate the containers so that the wet glue labels are applied tidily and brushed on without creases. The optionally available automatic magazine feed (see below) ensures that their supply does not run out too quickly and prevents unwanted production stops.



Wrap-around labelling

Rotating harmoniously: a precise application all around.

A perfect fit, careful and without an offset: special units can be integrated into one or more of the up to three permanently assembled labelling stations of the HEUFT TORNADO II classic easily and flexibly for wrap-around labelling of baby food or jam jars, dairy bottles and other cylindrical food packaging – with individually controllable nozzles which apply fine spots of glue in the right quantity and exactly to the bottles fixed in platforms by means of centring bells. The containers are rotated harmoniously so that the labels can wrap themselves around them completely and precisely – at a speed which can be specifically regulated for different formats.


The glue spots which have been applied pull the labels out of the magazine. At the same time a special nozzle applies a thin line of glue to the end of the label for the final gluing so that the overlap can be stuck precisely practically, without an offset, and brushed on carefully. A closed hot glue system keeps glue consumption low and prevents contamination. This reduces maintenance costs and increases operational reliability during the accurate application of wrap-around labels.



Self-adhesive labelling

Applying accurately: perfectly sticking labelling results.

Dynamic, precise and accurate: corresponding units, with which one or more labelling stations in the HEUFT TORNADO II classic can be equipped, apply self-adhesive labels exactly. The food containers enter the labeller if the container stop which stops the production flow in the case of a malfunction is unlocked. The infeed worm ensures that the gap between them is correct in the course of this before they are taken over by the infeed starwheel and transferred to the machine carousel. This is exactly where the self-adhesive labels are applied precisely and with a close fit.Read ...

The roll with the labels is placed in the labelling unit with servo-controlled dispensing head for this purpose. Thus they can be peeled off at the dispensing plate and applied to the passing bottles using special pads. They are firmly clamped for this – in fact centrally between the rotating platform and the centring bell. Therefore nothing can slip and the labels remain stuck exactly where they belong.



Label check

More than just labelling: direct presence check.

Double-checking, examining and verifying: the HEUFT TORNADO II classic can do more than "just" apply labels. It also checks the results of its work during the same process. The presence of the labels is checked using sensors. This direct quality assurance can be extended by numerous other checking and inspecting functions upon request (see below).


Rechazo de defectos

Disminución de reclamos: el rechazo fiable de envases defectuosos

Rápido, cuidadoso y riguroso: Una elevada precisión es posible, sólo si el producto defectuoso es retirado inmediatamente después de la detección del fallo. Esto lo consigue los rechazos con un único segmento o los sistemas multisegmentos de rechazos pertenecientes a HEUFT.


Fast brand changes

Changing simply: adapting without tools.

Uncomplicated, time-saving and reliable: the HEUFT TORNADO II classic not only keeps time and personnel requirements extremely low during running operation. Brand and program changes are also dealt with fast and easily: no tools whatsoever are required in order to replace the change parts. The vertical adjustment of the labelling units is carried out just as automatically as the correct positioning of the sensors for checking the label presence. This saves human resources and reduces unproductive downtimes to a minimum.

Central lubrication

Greasing automatically: minimum maintenance.

Central, automatic and economical: the correct amount of grease is applied to all the moving parts of the labelling machine so that everything always runs like clockwork. The integrated central lubrication system greases the main bearings and the rotary gears for the container platforms and an oil pump the labelling stations. A special labyrinth seal prevents water entering the closed oil system in the course of this. This ensures the durability of all the components sustainably. Complex maintenance work can therefore be dispensed with.

Optional additonal functions

Making even more possible: extensions to the range of functions.

Labelling machines with their modular design based on the HEUFT SPECTRUM II can be expanded at any time. Thus the range of functions of the HEUFT TORNADO II classic can be optionally extended with further functions for optimising and checking the labelling and product quality:


  • The rotating cam is no longer controlled mechanically but electronically due to the use of servomotors. This makes it programmable according to the brand so that brand changes can be dealt with fast and easily. In addition this flex technology together with precise camera technology achieves a fine adjustment of the bottles with millimetre accuracy for even more precision when applying labels.

  • The automatic magazine feed (AMF) makes a non-stop labelling operation possible. The servo-controlled add-on module increases the label stock and therefore minimises the need for manual intervention: a new magazine is simply pushed into place during running operation when a magazine is empty. Standstills are therefore sustainably avoided and human resources effectively saved.

  • Camera-based modules check the position, fit, alignment as well as the brand purity of the labels. An intelligent colour sensor camera verifies the best before dates and barcodes which have been applied.

  • Special detection units check the fill height and the internal pressure.

  • A special collection table prevents the accumulation of containers in the outfeed.

  • Special sensors check the presence and the position of the closures. The logo detection identifies non-brand lids.

  • Special camera technologies carry out a gapless all-around inspection of the closures.

  • The HEUFT sonic checks the tightness of metal lids and crown corks.

  • The clean in place function saves time and supports the employees because it cleans the labelling stations automatically without the time-consuming dismantling of individual components.

  • The innovative hands-off dialog function produces genuinely responsive results during machine analysis and process monitoring and makes the voice control of the HEUFT TORNADO II classic possible.




Automático simplemente:  plataforma de equipos universales para un máximo desempeño.

 Altamente automatizado, universal y potente: los equipos pertenecientes a la familia HEUFT SPECTRUM II aseguran la detección de defectos con una fiabilidad operacional optima durante la inspección en línea de los envases. De esta manera, se asegura la calidad de los productos y la eficiencia de la línea.

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Gracias al elevado grado de automatización, la unidad de control puede convivir con la elevada capacidad de multiprocesamiento para los diferentes módulos. Los cambios de formatos son llevados a cabo sin intervención manual.  Estas máquinas cuentan también con una interfaz única entre hombre y máquina, que hace evidente las tareas a realizar, por lo que se ahorra en recursos humanos. El uso de hardwares y softwares  de última generación desarrollados en las instalaciones de HEUFT para estas máquinas y la conexión de éstas a una red preparada para el futuro permiten alcanzar una elevada velocidad de procesamiento de datos en tiempo real. El resultado obtenido es una máxima precisión durante la inspección, el seguimiento de envases y la retirada del producto defectuoso del flujo de producción.        




Simplemente sabiendo qué hacer:  guía audiovisual explicativa para el usuario

Intuitiva, individual y audiovisual: ya no es necesario tener conocimientos previos  para operar los equipos de la serie HEUFT SPECTRUM II. La guía explicativa HEUFT NaVi está diseñada con la finalidad de que el usuario siga paso a paso lo que se le indica.

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Acceso restringido mediante RFID permite realizar las funciones fácilmente, ya que el usuario ve lo que tiene que ver en una pantalla táctil con un menú estructurado  donde se integran tutoriales y herramientas auxiliares para completar la tarea de forma optima. El usuario es ayudado por un asistente virtual en el transcurso de la realización de la tarea. El asistente virtual habla al usuario y explica claramente qué hacer y dónde. Por lo tanto, el operario se enfoca en lo esencial -  la guía audiovisual HEUFT NaVi permite un manejo fiable y cómodo de los sistemas de la nueva serie HEUFT!



HEUFT checkPoints

Simply seeing where what has to be done:  trouble-free localisation.

Clear, direct and purposeful:  the user can cope immediately on the rare occasions when manual intervention is needed.  Because eye-catching HEUFT checkPoints make it clear at a glance exactly when it is necessary to take matters in hand in addition to the audiovisual information which the HEUFT NaVi provides. The orange tags with clearly assignable letters are on the device components where intervention may be required.  If the worst comes to the worst the HEUFT NaVi shows them on the touchscreen.  The HEUFT checkPoints then even optionally flash on the respective component in each case.  The problem is located without a long search.  This saves time and human resources, shortens standstills and therefore increases productivity. 

Durable construction

Less maintenance: minimum wear and tear.

Solid, robust and low-maintenance: the HEUFT TORNADO II classic is made of stainless steel and galvanised components. All the moving parts of the low vibration machine are almost non-wearing and therefore very durable. Extremely low maintenance requirements. Thus the rubber parts of the glue segments are vulcanised and dimensionally stable. This ensures the exact positioning of the labels as well as maximum ease of servicing and minimum maintenance requirements. The wear and tear of the specially developed centring heads is also extremely low. The centring bells can be replaced quite simply in one easy movement. All the components which come into contact with the containers are made of plastic. This keeps the noise level during the labelling process to the absolute minimum. The result: a solid, durable and easy to service construction.

HEUFT CleanDesign

Limpieza simple: construcción higiénica optima

Accesible, limpio y  seguro:  el HEUFT CleanDesign diseñado especialmente para  ámbitos higiénicos altamente sensibles.

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Las pendientes de las superficies del equipo facilitan la limpieza y evitan la acumulación de suciedades. Los líquidos de limpieza son drenados fácilmente mediante canales y estructuras especiales. En consecuencia, gérmenes y bacterias no tienen contacto con la superficie. El acceso al equipo es fácil mediante su carcasa y sus puertas especiales, donde la electrónica permanece aislada. Además, las zonas sensibles como las unidades de inspección tienen protección optima contra polvo y agua.


Tecnologías de Red

Todo conectado: conexión online para incrementar la eficiencia y la calidad

Transmisión de información en tiempo real, adquisición de datos de producción, análisis de líneas de producción y asistencia remota: Mediante la conexión a la red de la máquinas HEUFT, el cliente tiene la solución en sus manos!

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Los sistemas HEUFT están preparados para el futuro en la red al utilizar Gigabit Ethernet y el protocolo TCP / IP. Además, existe la posibilidad de transferir los datos de producción para ser recuperados mediante XML o SQL, y así el cliente consigue gestionar la calidad de forma rápida y fluida. Por lo tanto, datos de producción, registros de turnos y fallos de producción, pueden contribuir con más facilidad por ejemplo al análisis de peligros y puntos críticos de control (HACCP).  Por lo tanto, el resultado obtenido una vez conectado los equipos a la red, es la identificación temprana de los problemas de calidad y eficiencia. En particular,  la conexión directa al teleservicio de HEUFT protegido mediante un cortafuegos, permite realizar la asistencia remota a cualquier hora y a cualquier máquina de HEUFT conectada al equipamiento del HEUFT TeleService.


  • versatile labelling machine of the new generation
  • highly automated HEUFT SPECTRUM II platform with audiovisual HEUFT NaVi user guidance
  • high-precision wet-glue, self-adhesive or wrap-around labelling during a single work process
  • integrated detection units for sustainable quality assurance
  • centralised lubrication for the complete machine
  • robust, hard-wearing and durable construction with the hygiene-optimised HEUFT CleanDesign
  • optional hands-off voice control
  • straightforward brand changes and minimum maintenance
  • minimum noise development
  • simple integration into existing lines
  • online connection for remote maintenance and production data acquisition
  • performance range – up to 1,2000 containers per hour