Anuga FoodTec exhibition review: "Absolutely amazing!”

Among the highlights of our presence at the exhibition was not only our lifetime-optimized technology for the pulsed X-ray inspection of food and its packaging but above all the novel way in which the most varied HEUFT systems were presented live.

It was the first leading trade fair at which we were finally able to show a physical presence with our own stand on site again after a long pandemic break. Our innovative cyber-physical presentation medium for the clear demonstration of our advanced quality control and inspection systems also celebrated its premiere at Anuga FoodTec 2022 in Cologne at the end of April:

In addition to the HEUFT eXaminer II XB for the pulsed top-down X-ray inspection of food packaging on real display, other lifetime-optimized foreign object detectors from the range and many other devices from our modular construction kit could also be experienced there – in a new mix of real existing and virtual elements on our self-constructed cyber-physical device stele!

Real food and packaging inspected virtually


It was set up for the first time at a trade fair at Anuga FoodTec 2022 and immediately caused a stir there. No wonder! After all, it combines the advantages of the classic live demonstration of actually exhibited equipment, as has been the case with HEUFT for decades, with the benefits and new possibilities of the digital world. Instead of just a few it is now possible to bring practically all the systems from our complete portfolio to the exhibition stand:

Real empty and full containers with real faults are conveyed on real conveyor belts into the virtual inspection system selected which is displayed over a large area on a 7.5 square meter LED touchscreen. For example a ketchup bottle contaminated with glass splinters enters the animated HEUFT eXaminer II XAC at the front. Or a food can polluted with metal particles into the virtual version of the slim HEUFT eXaminer II XS lateral inspector. A "digital twin" of the physical faulty container then travels through the animated system in real time until the real one comes out again synchronously on the transition from the virtual device stele outfeed to the real conveyor. Original detection images of the foreign bodies and defects identified on the original container are simultaneously displayed at all detection modules that this virtual faulty container passes.

Deep insights into straight-line inspection

They can be specifically selected via touchscreen, for example to zoom in on them and obtain valuable background information on the respective detection and its performance. The get-inside mode also provides deep animated insights into straight-line inspection from different perspectives. Individual components can be examined in detail and equipment doors can be opened virtually, so that even from a distance it is easy to see what is behind them technologically.

Numerous additional features such as project drawings, integration examples and videos showing the selected HEUFT system in real operation on filling and packaging lines complete the totally self-developed virtual experience.

Many a visitor to Anuga FoodTec 2022 found this "absolutely amazing!" And it shows: When it comes to cyber-physical in-line inspection systems with the highest detection and failure reliabiltiy and real “Systemtechnik 4.0” you are in exactly the right place at HEUFT – not only at the Anuga FoodTec!