Future-proof remote maintenance: stay connected!

It's about time: you should now invest quickly in the new HEUFT GATEWAY II server on favourable terms if you wish to stay connected with the HEUFT TeleService and the HEUFT PhoneService.

Nothing changes as quickly as the state of IT technology. This makes future-proof hardware and software all the more important. Long-term functionality and stability is especially required for online remote diagnosis and maintenance in real time. And HEUFT can provide this: the in-house developed HEUFT GATEWAY has continuously implemented a direct connection to the HEUFT TeleService and the HEUFT PhoneService for over 20 years in order to carry out remote maintenance on network-compatible in-line inspection systems and labelling machines simply and efficiently.

A server replacement has only now become necessary with the devices of the new HEUFT SPECTRUM II generation for genuine "Systemtechnik 4.0" and completely new possibilities such as the innovative live audio and video streaming for a particularly efficient remote service: you will need the new HEUFT GATEWAY II with state-of-the-art IT security technology by 1 January 2021 at the latest if you wish to stay connected in the future.

Because from then on the HEUFT TeleService and the HEUFT PhoneService can only be accessed with the new hardware or software around the clock, day in day out, via the secure tunnel of a protected VPN IPsec point-to-point connection. This also applies to those who still carry out their quality assurance, inspection and labelling tasks during the filling and packaging process with the durable systems of the previous generation: these can also only be maintained remotely with the new server solution as from the beginning of next year.

And because in times like these it is more important than ever to provide a fast and effective service with full safety distance in order to maintain the detection and operational reliability of HEUFT devices at all times and prevent costly productivity losses due to line stoppages, it is worth investing now in the new server with simplified network configuration which is already prepared for future software upgrades. The new HEUFT GATEWAY II for future-proof remote diagnosis and maintenance will be available at particularly favourable special offer prices until the end of 2020 .

Are you interested? Then do not hesitate to contact and stay connected!