ACHEMA 2018: There's no such thing? Yes there is!

HEUFT caused real amazement at ACHEMA in Frankfurt / Main with innovative systems for an extensive in-line inspection of product and packaging when filling pharmaceutical products.

"Aha, the machine no doubt checks the closures" – "Not only those!" – "I see, it also carries out a fill level detection" – "Among other things" – "How? Is more possible?" – "Sure! This is a fully equipped system for the complete inspection of every single vial" – "Really? What does it detect besides that?"– "Scratches and cracks in the glass, contamination and foreign matter in the container and – with the integrated X-ray strobes – even glass splinters or metal particles in the lyophilisate and other non-transparent contents" – "Oh, that's really impressive, I didn't know there was such a thing!"

A typical dialogue, the same or similar, which could be heard quite often in the middle of June on the ACHEMA stand of HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH. No wonder! A linear inspection system with such a level of equipment, functionality and detection accuracy in a confined space had really not existed until the development of the HEUFT spotter II PHS which celebrated its exhibition debut there. The reaction to the innovative device for a truly complete all-round examination of filled vials, which the guests could observe live and in action, was accordingly enthusiastic.


Unexpected detection performance

"That is exactly what we are looking for" – a statement which was heard more than once during ACHEMA. Many a pharmacist would even have liked to take the exhibited device home straight away – just like the recently published flyer about the innovative vial inspector which was extremely popular at the trade fair for the pharmaceutical industry.

Great interest was also shown in another new development especially for the complete inspection of larger vials – the HEUFT spotter II PHL. Pulsed X-ray technology can be integrated into this system in a top-down arrangement – in the same way as the HEUFT eXaminer II XB, also presented live, uses for checking the integrity of, among other things, blister packs. Its performance also caused real amazement. Since the slim system found more than expected when examining an aluminium pouch brought along by a prospective customer and prepared on site with metal foreign objects: a tiny stone became visible which was hidden in the product from the very beginning in addition to the metal particles. The potential new client was appropriately impressed by the detection performance.

Astonishing findings

The reactions to the HEUFT squeezer II QS for the safe detection of minute leaks in blow fill seal bottles and the compact HEUFT ONE for reliable code verification were equally positive. "There's no such thing!" was also heard again and again in this case. But it quickly became clear: "yes there is! From HEUFT."