Upakovka: safely packaged full containers!

HEUFT will be showing modular systems for perfectly filled products in safe primary packaging material at the Upakovka 2020 exhibition in Moscow at the end of January.

Upakovka is a member of the interpack alliance and therefore this is the most important event in Russia regarding the packaging process of food, beverage, bakery, confectionery, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. HEUFT will be showing how the quality and integrity of the packaging material and its contents can be safeguarded sustainably with the new generation modular checking and inspection systems on Stand FOE36 in the Pavilion Forum of the Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow. The spectrum ranges from a fill level and inner pressure check to code verification and a 360° closure inspection.

It will be demonstrated at Upakovka 2020 what predestines the compact HEUFT ONE as the optimum entry-level solution for checking the quality of full containers: it checks the amount of product inside directly on the moving conveyor using X-rays and rejects those where this is incorrect. A special sensor system measures the curvature of the lids in order to identify potentially leaking cans with insufficient internal pressure and to remove them.

From a fill level detection to an examination of the closure tightness

The HEUFT SPECTRUM II VX provides an even more comprehensive performance range regarding fill management and full container inspection which can also be experienced live and in action at the packaging trade fair – with integrated sensor camera and the directly connected HEUFT FinalView II CAP. A genuine all-around and contour inspection of the closures is also possible with it, in the smallest of spaces, in addition to the reliable identification and rejection of, among other things, incorrectly marked, underfilled or overfilled, unsealed and unlabelled or broken containers. And the integrated HEUFT sonic carries out an acoustic leakage check on crown corks and metal screw closures.

Therefore only perfectly filled products in safe primary packaging material reach the point of sale. See for yourself: Upakovka 2020, 28 - 31 January, Stand FOE36, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow.