App available now: remote service with live pictures!

Ready for downloading: the new HEUFT Android app for a real remote video service can be found now in HEUFT DeviceSupport.

An effective and at the same time efficient remote service is more in demand than ever before particularly in times like these which are determined by travel restrictions, limited contacts and social distancing. Fault diagnosis and correction using the HEUFT TeleService replaces a costly on-site visit in many cases. And the new app for parallel video streaming optimises the remote maintenance of network-compatible checking, inspection and labelling systems and simply makes it clearer:

The HEUFT TeleService employee has access to a real live view of the line situation on site via a protected Internet connection. Therefore he is able to identify and eliminate the causes of problems or malfunctions even more quickly and easily. After all live moving pictures say much more than a thousand words! Of course at the same time he also hears what the customer is telling him at the respective HEUFT device or answers, e.g. with loud ambient noise, all the questions during the remote service chat which is also directly integrated into the new app. In this way the new remote video maintenance via the HEUFT TeleService not only overcomes language barriers.

Download and try it out now: remote video service with an app

The in-house developed Android app is now ready for free download in the HEUFT DeviceSupport customer portal at All those who already have a future-proof HEUFT GATEWAY II server and a HEUFT TeleService contract can also book the remote video maintenance licence at favourable conditions and make a genuinely efficient malfunction diagnosis and troubleshooting possible from a safe distance regardless of obstacles and barriers such as current travel and contact restrictions. Furthermore a free trial licence is stored directly in the app for 30 days in order to try out the possibilities first of all.