A newly developed wrap-around labeller for HiPP

HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH recently provided equipment which transports, inspects and labels jars and bottles of various shapes for a new line for filling organic foods and juices for the renowned baby food manufacturer HiPP in Hungary. The package included among other things the HEUFT conveyor container transport system, two HEUFT synchron conveyor control systems, the HEUFT InLine empty container inspection, the HEUFT relax container fanning out system and a new development: the HEUFT TORNADO R wrap-around labeller with an integrated final product check.

The highly efficient labelling machine is the highlight of the successfully implemented project at HiPP Kft. in Hanságliget (Hungary).  The new HEUFT TORNADO R is able to apply wrap-around labels accurately to up to 60,000 containers per hour using either a parallel or a linear transport system.


Harmonious container rotation due to servo-controlled belt drive


The HEUFT development team has equipped the labeller with a specially developed servo-controlled belt drive and not with standard rotating gears in order to achieve a particularly precise application.  It adapts to different container sizes exactly and rotates the bottles and jars which have been fixed in platforms by means of centring bells harmoniously.  Consequently wrap-around labels made of paper or cut foil can entwine them completely.  The rotation speed as well as the height of the up to six nozzles which can be individually activated for the initial gluing can be adapted to the most different container shapes as required.  The result:  a particularly simple and fast brand change.


Labelling which is clean and saves glue


The nozzles apply the smallest spots of glue onto the rotating containers in a well-measured and careful manner.  These glue spots pull the respective label out of the magazine.  A thin line of glue is applied at the end of the label at the same time so that the overlap can be stuck precisely and brushed on carefully.  The closed hot glue system of the HEUFT TORNADO R reduces glue consumption to a minimum compared with a conventional roller application.  At the same time it ensures that the glue is protected from ambient air and contamination.  This reduces upkeep and increases the operating reliability of the machine which has been constructed so that it is particularly low-maintenance and wear resistant.  The integrated control cabinet makes fast and uncomplicated installing and commissioning possible.


Integrated technologies for quality assurance

The standard broken container detection in the infeed and optional features provide additional benefits for an extensive final product check.  Thus the HEUFT TORNADO R can be equipped with highly efficient modules for a precise label and closure inspection.  Fill level, internal container pressure, BBD and barcode checks can be integrated as well as a serial fault detection which emits a switch-off pulse before it is too late.  Containers which have been identified as being faulty can be removed reliably from the production flow by means of rejection and laning systems.  Automatic sampling functions assist internal quality assurance.
HEUFT has developed a convincing solution yet again with the new wrap-around labeller which has proved its worth on a daily basis. [hwa]