Software made by HEUFT - the great asset

The HEUFT company caused many a sensation over the past few weeks with the expansion of its product range to include line management and optimisation. This interest was followed up at the BRAU Beviale 2002 exhibition where a separate area was set aside on the stand especially for this new line of products. It became clear that this should not be only be regarded as a supplement for the labelling machine and other inspection devices but also as an independent product of interest to those customers who do yet possess HEUFT equipment.

The HEUFT PROFILER was at the focus of interest. This software comprises a tool, ,just as versatile as it is simple to operate, for the analysis and optimisation of the course of events along a filling line. After installation the technician has extensive possibilities available for evaluating and logging machine and signal data. The most varied graphical display modes simplify the location of faults during production. HEUFT has an open attitude regarding the collection of the necessary data. At the exhibition the small control and data acquisition module the HEUFT xio, which reads in the signals from the sensors directly, was demonstrated in addition to the connection to Profibus systems. The amount of work required for this installation is minimal due to the simple utilisation of existing data sources. It can already be put to use during the commissioning phase of a new line.


Just as in the inspection technology sector the HEUFT company has taken care that maximum compatibility is also a feature of the individual products and the resulting dual-purpose data sources. The HEUFT STRATEGY resource management software therefore accesses the database created by the HEUFT PROFILER. Using this information the up-to-date status of the filling line is recorded and can always be used for actual planning. The visitors to the exhibition were surprised at the functional scope demonstrated by the HEUFT STRAGEGY. Whether for raw material requirements, production planning or personnel management, to name but a few, the software provides the tools for recording and planning all the tasks necessary for the production process in a filling plant.

After introducing networking technology to the bottling hall in 1997 HEUFT has now taken a further decisive step in order to utilise the competitive advantages which can result from using modern communication technology in the bottling hall.