ACHEMA 2022: More color, more detection reliability!

Whether for blow-fill-seal containers, vials or prefillable syringes: HEUFT will be exhibiting the latest solutions for the highly precise checking the product safety and packaging quality of pharmaceuticals at the ACHEMA 2022 exhibition in Frankfurt / Main from 22nd to 26th August.

It will be colorful at the ACHEMA: MCIP, our new Multi Color Image Processing puts blow-fill-seal ampoule strips, blow-fill-seal infusion bottles and now also vials in the right light in order to highlight contaminants, product faults and packaging defects even more clearly.

At just one inspection station, various lighting scenarios in different colors are combined and the individual color channels are smartly calculated with each other.

Saving resources, sustainably increasing detection reliability

Whereas previously several cameras were required to inspect pharmaceutical primary packaging materials in multiple colors, for example in both incident and transmitted light, thanks to MCIP this can now be done from one and the same perspective, saving space, components and resources.

ACHEMA visitors can see for themselves at Stand 3.2/C57 how sustainably this improves the optical detection of foreign particles and many other critical faults: the HEUFT spotter II BFSA which will be exhibited live there already uses the smart image processing solution developed in-house for a one hundred percent blow fill seal ampoule inspection.

High-precision inspection of pharmaceutical containers

The same applies to the HEUFT spotter II BFSB blow fill seal infusion bottle inspector and more recently also to the HEUFT spotter II PHS which takes filled vials from the base to the crimp cap under the MCIP magnifying glass. Both are presented on our new type of virtual device stele where original feature and detection images which have been generated with the innovative technology are clearly displayed among many other things.

In addition the advantages of the HEUFT InLine II IS for the straight line and full coverage quality inspection of the most varied pharmaceutical containers even before they are filled will be demonstrated there and last but not least those of the HEUFT Syringer which is in great demand with its unique pulsed X-ray technology for the pre-fillable syringe inspection.

You should take a closer look at this: ACHEMA, 22 to 26 August 2022, Stand 3.1/C57, Messe Frankfurt.