The market has been waiting for this!

Easy and precise:  the fourth industrial revolution with regard to quality inspection along filling and packaging lines has started with the new generation of modular HEUFT systems recently presented at the trade meeting in Düsseldorf.  This was a great success with the interpack visitors from all over the world.

A new level of automation which makes manual intervention the exception.  Eye-catching flashing information symbols which clearly show exactly what has to be done and where.  Individual audiovisual support which help the user to reach his goal certainly and easily.  New hardware and software for increased computing power which among other things display and analyse each single X-ray image or camera picture in real time.  An even more exact product tracking including reject verification which shows the current location of a certain product with millimetre accuracy.  Innovative detection technologies which uncover minute foreign objects and defects in food and pharmaceutical packaging.  And efficient rejection systems which remove faulty products purposefully - functions and features such as these amazed numerous interpack visitors.  They could see for themselves how a new dimension in detection and operational reliability has been achieved with these on the HEUFT stand.

This applies in particular to the systems of the new HEUFT SPECTRUM II generation which could be seen for the first time at the most important trade fair for the global packaging sector.  How reliably they detect and reject faulty empty and full packaging and above all how easy it is to operate them without errors or interference made an obvious impression.

A positive response to the self-explanatory user guidance

This is due to its high degree of automation.  And not least the HEUFT NaVi a new audiovisual user guidance which guides each user individually step by step so that downtimes due to operating errors are practically ruled out.  Industry 4.0 has become an integral part of quality inspection when filling and packaging food and pharmaceutical products with the smart, self-explanatory devices.  This impressed the industry representatives who had come to the interpack appearance of the technology leader.

The numerous positive responses during the exhibition show:  HEUFT sets standards regarding product safety and line efficiency!  The smart, easy-to-use inspection systems of the new HEUFT SPECTRUM II generation provide that which the market has been waiting for.  Even complicated tasks are therefore very easy to carry out.