Limitless and borderless service: remote commissioning in Kazakhstan

Remote maintenance, remote audits and now also remote commissioning: the possibilities of the HEUFT TeleService for network-compatible inspection systems of the new generation are practically limitless and borderless! This is demonstrated by the world's first web-based installation and acceptance which was recently carried out at Carlsberg Kazakhstan in Almaty – in the middle of lockdown.

It was still possible to deliver the new empty can inspector on time in April. However Kazakhstan was already in the middle of the first lockdown then: the Central Asian state closed its borders to passenger traffic completely only four days after the first Covid-19 case was reported there on 13 March 2020. The HEUFT service technicians who were to assemble and commission the compact device of the new generation on site in Almaty were also affected by the strict entry ban. But they did not want to wait any longer at Carlsberg Kazakhstan: the HEUFT canLine II should be up and running as quickly as possible.

The existing device from another manufacturer had long since ceased to provide satisfactory results when checking the quality of beverage cans before being filled with regional beer specialities and other produced under license such as Baltika, Alma-Ata, Zatecky Gus or Derbes. Indeed its condition was so bad that it repeatedly caused line stops and the associated loss of productivity as well. And it was necessary to bring these to an end as quickly as possible so that enough beer in faultless cans could always be delivered to the point of sale on time even during the pandemic.

Remote commissioning of the network-compatible empty can inspector

Therefore fast commissioning of the HEUFT canLine II was a top priority for Carlsberg Kazakhstan. Waiting until HEUFT service technicians with field experience were no longer affected by the entry ban was not an option for the major brewery which with over 30 international and regional brands in its portfolio, such as Carlsberg, Holsten, Tuborg, Baltika or Irbis, is one of the largest beer producers in the country. Therefore a coherent concept was developed between HEUFT EURASIA in Moscow and the German headquarters of the globally active company in Burgbrohl for the remote commissioning of the network-compatible empty can inspector with the HEUFT TeleService.

Successfully: the Carlsberg engineers already received valuable help on site when unpacking and setting up the compact system along the canning line. The HEUFT service technicians were able to follow the work in Almaty live and remotely via audio and video streaming and provide support with clear instructions and good tips as required. In this way and not least because of the profound technical know-how and high level of professionalism of the entire Carlsberg team the assembly and setting up took no longer than usual.

HEUFT TeleService with audio and video streaming

A virtual HEUFT GATEWAY II server was installed at the same time so that all the necessary adjustments for commissioning and acceptance could be carried out securely and remotely via a protected Internet connection. For this short regular line stops were used during running 24/7 filling production – and just four days later the new empty can inspector was stable.

The new HEUFT TeleService not only makes maintenance work and even audits with live audio and video streaming possible now but also practically limitless and borderless acceptance and commissioning. This ensures the full operational and detection reliability of network-compatible HEUFT systems consistently as well as the productivity of complete filling and packaging lines even in uncertain times. And Corona travel restrictions no longer present an obstacle when it comes to buying one and getting it up and running reliably.