Preventive maintenance made easy!

The After Sales Team at HEUFT is currently offering new professional device audits on particularly attractive terms for consistent quality management and full productivity. Whether directly on site or also as a smart online remote service: checking the performance of HEUFT inspection systems in detail forms the basis for targeted preventive maintenance especially during somewhat quieter periods and thus ensures that the detection reliability and line output are right when the filling line is running at full speed again.

Maximum product safety in times like these is more important than ever. And stoppages, downtimes and the associated losses of production should be avoided as far as possible and at the latest in the hot summer months when beverage lines in particular will be working to full capacity again. That is why now is exactly the right time to check HEUFT systems closely and if necessary prepare them for full performance by means of specific predictive maintenance services. This is now very economical with the HEUFT DirectAudit and HEUFT TeleAudit:

a comprehensive examination of the device performance by service technicians with field experience directly on the customer's premises with detailed documentation of the actual state is available until the beginning of September for a small price! HEUFT is giving a 50 per cent discount on the travel costs alone until then. For example there is also a five per cent discount on spare parts if the concluding discussion of such a HEUFT DirectAudit reveals that wearing parts have to be replaced or that stocks should be increased.

Uncovering optimization potentials

The same applies to the new HEUFT TeleAudit which uncovers weak points and optimisation potential from a safe distance via a protected online connection of network-compatible HEUFT systems. The only difference is of course that there are no travel costs at all!

Whoever decides to have their HEUFT devices examined in detail now will benefit from attractive special conditions and a bonus until late into the summer. Don't hesitate to make an appointment: / Tel: +49 2636 56 0.