Support instead of shutdown!

An effective HEUFT DirectService with competent professionals is guaranteed even in difficult times.

International flights cancelled. Tourist trips banned. Business travel options massively restricted: the whole world seems to have come to a standstill! And it will probably take quite a long time before global air traffic will return to normal and settle down to a pre Covid-19 level even if there are signs of gradual, cautious easing of travel and contact restrictions in some countries.

Filling and packaging companies that rely on network-compatible HEUFT systems for the in-line quality assurance of beverages, food and pharmaceuticals are really well off. Because they can be maintained remotely – via a protected Internet connection to the HEUFT TeleService. From fault diagnosis to troubleshooting: in many cases a service technician no longer needs to travel to the site. Even complete acceptances and audits can be easily carried out online.

Global HEUFT service network

As a result the HEUFT DirectService team has to be active less frequently at the customer's premises. Nevertheless it is positioned so well and flexibly all over the world that fast and effective on-site support is guaranteed even in times of crisis with flight bans and reduced freedom of movement. Because unlike other special purpose machine manufacturers it is not only based at the German headquarters and exclusive production site but spread across all five continents:

HEUFT has strong subsidiaries in 17 other countries and a comprehensive network of additional service bases and can usually ensure a swift arrival even when international air traffic is practically at a standstill. And should one of them not make it to the customer quickly enough after all then another one will take over the assignment in order to solve the problems there and prevent lengthy line standstills as well as production downtimes effectively. All the service technicians have completed solid in-house training at HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH in Burgbrohl, Germany, have an abundance of field experience and will bring the right spare parts with them: original HEUFT components are available for at least twelve years and are stored locally.

Full operational reliability

Therefore each individual location always has in stock what is needed in order to ensure a fast, efficient repair and maintenance service and to restore the full operational reliability of checking, inspection and labelling systems along filling and packaging lines all over the world.

This effective HEUFT DirectService saves both valuable time and excessive travel costs not only in times of crisis characterised by travel and contact restrictions!