Remote support almost like being on site!

Now also available in the Google Playstore our live streaming app simply makes the proven HEUFT TeleService for online diagnosis and remote maintenance of our quality check, inspection and labelling systems even more efficient.

Contact restrictions, travel constraints and quarantine rules have not particularly simplified on-site operations of our globally active HEUFT DirectService team in Corona times. With innovative audio and video live streaming we therefore made our HEUFT TeleService fit for remote support almost as if it were on site right at the beginning of the pandemic. It can often replace the presence of one of our service technicians. The long, costly and CO2-intensive journey to the site is completely eliminated.

Such a HEUFT TeleService live with moving image and sound transmission via smartphone is the more efficient, cheaper and more sustainable alternative not only in corona times. Detecting and eliminating malfunctions online is simply more targeted and efficient: As with a video conference, the connected service technician can get a real picture of the actual condition of the respective device from a distance.

More IT security and performance in remote maintenance with live streaming

The current HEUFT SPECTRUM II device platform creates the prerequisites for this. It raises our network technology for remote maintenance, which has been proven for almost 25 years, to a new level - as a modern VPN/IPSec P2P connection with standard Ethernet TCP ports. The simplified network configuration with highly secure IT infrastructure effectively protects against viruses, worms, DDoS and man-in-the-middle attacks. Neither our employees nor unauthorised third parties have access without being asked. Compared with solutions from providers of central remote maintenance software which often only offer deceptive security with IEC 62443 the HEUFT TeleService is also generally better protected against hacker attacks.

And in terms of performance it is likewise superior to such solutions: While software integrators usually offer cloud-based application servers, so-called jump servers, which require a log-in via a web portal from a Windows computer outside the filling line, with us this is done directly from the device without any delay. In addition, third-party solutions do not have a connection to the HEUFT cloud for the automatic storage of device and backup data. All the information, reports and tickets from all the remote maintenance sessions can therefore always be viewed in the HEUFT DeviceSupport customer portal. Our new app for audio-visual live streaming is available for download there and now also in the Google Playstore.

From remote maintenance to remote commissioning

Exclusively usable in our proprietary IT environment, it realises from reactive to preventive maintenance full IT and data security for an even more targeted support and even remote audits, remote acceptance and remote commissioning. This simply makes the online diagnosis and remote maintenance of our network-capable checking, inspection and labelling systems more efficient and sustainable.